I started to play as a Troubadour in 1999. Since then I have had the pleasure of playing at many different parties, weddings, pubs and after-ski events.

I enjoy playing Blues, Rock, Pop and often enjoying playing a fun mix of them all!


I normally bring my own PA system (speakers) and my set would normally include playing three x 45 minute sessions. Of course, I am flexible and can play a longer or shorter at your request.





I started to work as an adventure guide 2004 and have since then worked in many different places from the forest to the mountains.

Snowmobile, Snowshoes, Husky safaris, Skiing Northern lights, Fishing Trekking, Whitewater rafting and more!



A Snowmobile safari from the forest over the mountains down to the north sea?


Husky safaris in a sparkling winter land?


A cozy Northern light safari?


Fishing or rafting in clean free flowing rivers?


Trekking in forest or mountains?



I work with several different outdoor companies, here on the 67th Degree.

With them I am able to plan your perfect adventure - along with any accommodation you may need for your stay.


Request a song and I’ll create you a great cover version!

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