Leave the city behind you and join me into the arctic forest.
On this family friendly adventure you get introduced into the basic outdoor skills, such as fire making and building your own shelter.
In a fun and educational way you will learn the basic knowledge to feel comfortable while being outdoors in nature.
During this tour, you will get familiar with orientation in nature with its own elements. This is an unbelievably valuable skill should you ever get lost and find yourself without a map and compass.

  • How to navigate
  • Where to find shelter
  • How to make a fire
  • How to find food
  • How to build animal traps


Activity level - Easy
Duration – 2,5h
Length – 1 - 2 km
Minimum age 12 years.
Maximum group size 8p

Activity Includes –

Fire-brewed Coffee/Tea

Pickup is included from three pickup spots in Kiruna:
Camp Ripan (10min prior activity start),
Hotel Arctic Eden (5min prior activity start) and
Hotel Scandic (0minutes prior).


We do not provide any additional clothing.
Pleas dress according to the weather and the activity.